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What is BedMatch?

by Olly Mason

Dr. Angie Shepardson assisting a young couple at the Bob Mills Bed Spa center

At a Glance:

What You Need to Know About BedMatch

How BedMatch Determines Your Ideal Sleeping Position

How BedMatch Finds Your Suited Comfort Level

How BedMatch Picks the Right Mattress for Your Needs

Beyond BedMatch

How to Experience BedMatch

Why Trust Us?

With over 16,000 mattress stores across the nation, shopping for a new sleep solution can quickly become an overwhelming experience. And when you factor in the growing number of mattress brands available to consumers, what should be a rewarding process can start to feel like more of a chore. It’s no secret that no two sleepers are the same but asking for a bed specialist to provide a personalized mattress shopping service isn’t a reality—unless it’s with the BedMatch system exclusively from Bob Mills Furniture.

If you’re tired of shopping for a mattress the old way, learn more about how to choose a mattress with the state-of-the-art BedMatch systems, and its patented technology can help you select the ideal sleep solution better than the traditional way. We explain it all inside!

Learn More About BedMatch


What You Need to Know About BedMatch

New technology can be intimidating, but we’re here to help you along the way. We use scientifically proven tech to tailor a quality sleep solution for your specific needs. Real medical research is used to learn how to improve your sleep, whether you need more support, need more softness, or need a different mattress type entirely. 

In all, we undergo 18 statistical measurements over a seven-minute process, meaning in less than 10 minutes, you can learn everything you need to know to improve your sleep quality. Best of all, BedMatch is available at all of our Bob Mills Furniture locations at no cost to you. Simply go online to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our sleep experts.

How BedMatch Determines Your Ideal Sleeping Position

Before we jump into the technical parts of the process, we start by taking a moment to learn about your sleeping patterns, starting with determining your preferred sleeping position. That’s because healthy sleep habits are the number one way to ensure you get the best sleep, and understanding how your body responds to a mattress is the first step toward improved sleep health.

All it takes is a few questions, including whether you experience any pain during sleep, if you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, and if you sleep solo or with a partner. Then, we take that information and use it to understand the results of the second phase of the process.

Dr. Angie Shepardson running sleep measurements for a man and a woman

How BedMatch Finds Your Suited Comfort Level

Take a break and get comfortable. A minimum of 15 minutes is recommended to truly get acclimated to a new mattress, and the BedMatch system uses that time to run its specialized sensors across a mattress to find the right support level for your body. The results help us better understand exactly what your body needs, whether it’s more support in the lumbar, pressure relief, or simply a firmer surface.

A few of the 18 major statistical measurements include:  


Did you know not all mattresses have the same support across the bed? Some might reinforce the middle section where the body is the heaviest, while others might only have support in one layer. Since every sleeper is a different stature, not everyone will reap the benefits of these specialized zones if they’re either too tall or too short. BedMatch takes that into account to find the right mattress size for your height.


Body weight also plays an important role in finding the right mattress. A mattress that buckles under pressure can lead to unhealthy spine or hip curvature, but a bed that is too firm can also be bad for lightweight sleepers. Luckily, BedMatch can help solve which solution suits your body type.

Lower Back Pain Calculation

Lumbar pain during sleep can be an indication you’ve been sleeping on a sagging mattress, among other possibilities. After a few minutes, our system pinpoints if you need a boost of support and which mattresses can provide that for you.

Distribution of Weight

It’s important to have a mattress that will sustain your body from head to toe, and in order to do that, you need to know which areas need the most support. A quick diagnostic can help figure out which mattress can aid in ideal weight suspension.

How BedMatch Picks the Right Mattress for Your Needs

A woman reviewing a mattress in a store

After running the quick measurements, we’re ready to recommend the best mattress type according to the results. But don’t worry—we won’t leave you wondering, “what mattress should I buy?” Our sleep experts are glad to explain the benefits of each type of mattress, how much you can expect to spend on one, and which brands we recommend.

But just in case you’re curious, here’s a quick rundown of mattress types and which sleepers they’re best for.

Innerspring Mattresses

The traditional bounce of a coil mattress isn’t recommended for every sleeper, but it can be beneficial for those who need a sturdier surface with maximum support. Typically, back sleepers are best suited for innerspring mattresses. For an upgrade on these traditional mattresses, explore pocketed coil beds, which offer superior motion transfer and weight suspension over normal mattress coils.

Memory Foam Mattresses

The plush feel of a memory foam mattress can help soothe pressure points and joint aches. This makes them great for side sleepers, but even back sleepers might enjoy a memory foam bed if it’s on the firmer side. Additionally, many memory beds also come with cooling gel foam, so if you sleep hot, this is a top contender to consider.

Hybrid Mattresses

You can enjoy the best of coils and memory foam with a hybrid mattress. This option is best for sleepers who need more support than a memory foam with a plush comfort level that is easier on joints, bones, and muscles.

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Beyond BedMatch

Dr. Angie Shepardson posing in from of the bedroom stock at Bob Mills Furniture

To give you the full experience, we match our BedMatch technology with real-life human input from our on-site chiropractors. Having a specialist around helps us back up our findings with medical advice to ensure your sleep health is optimum. All our chiropractors have been personally trained by Dr. Angie Shepardson, a prestigious expert in her field with more than 14 years working with Bob Mill’s Furniture’s Sleep Spa system. Best of all, the service is complimentary, but only at Bob Mill’s Furniture store.

How to Experience BedMatch

Our BedMatch system is just one reason why we’re the best place to buy a mattress in Waco, why we should be your Texas mattress store, and why we’re the place for a mattress Lubbock residents can trust. With nine locations in total from Oklahoma down to our mattress San Antonio showroom, there’s a location near you where you can take advantage of our exclusive bed matching technology at no price to you. 

If you’re ready to change your mattress shopping game, we’re glad to help with our BedMatch sleep technology. In less than 10 minutes, we can help pair you with the best mattress from our selection of reliable mattresses, including brands like Aireloom, Somniva, Sleep to Live by Kingsdown, and more! Visit us to learn more and to experience BedMatch for yourself today! 

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Why Trust Bob Mills Furniture?

At Bob Mills Furniture, we believe that everyone is family. Since 1971, we have delivered beautiful furniture for 50 years (and counting), with ten sprawling locations in the U.S. — from our flagship store in Oklahoma City to San Antonio in Texas to Wichita in Kansas. Our friendly staff aims to offer the greatest comfort and value, with elegant styles to match your taste, décor, and design. In addition to coziness and style, we also stock furniture and mattress brands with strong reputations and track records of durability so that you can enjoy your investment for years to come.

Shop Mattresses at Bob Mills

Start reveling in endless comfort and shop mattress solutions online for unbeatable prices at Bob Mills. Our friendly experts are always happy to help you get familiar with the BedMatch system — whether you call the Bob Mills Furniture store nearest you or use our online chat feature. Better yet, stop by one of our showrooms throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas to discover why we are everyone’s favorite local furniture store. Visit us today!

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