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Aireloom Mattress Brand Guide

by Michael Webster

Aireloom mattress displayed in a high-end apartment overlooking a city.

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Aireloom Mattress Reviews

What Makes Aireloom Mattresses So Comfortable?

BedMatch at Bob Mills Sleep Spa

Aireloom Mattress FAQs

Why Trust Us?

Luxury hybrid mattresses have become an increasingly popular choice for new bed buyers ― and for good reason. The construction they offer with various latex or foam layers, as well as coils, combines the best of both worlds. For many generations, the Aireloom mattress has been known as the most luxurious mattress made in the USA. Aireloom mattresses are handmade using timeless craftsmanship and innovative methods the brand has perfected for over 80 years.

To see why an Aireloom could be the best choice for your next mattress, check out our guide that will fill you in on everything you need to know, including Aireloom mattress reviews, to ensure you start getting restful sleep tonight!

Aireloom Mattress Reviews

 Black and white image of an older mattress factory with several men putting together a spring mattress.

First created in California for the elite, the Aireloom mattress is here to remind us of peaceful, coastal dreams and relaxing sleep. Providing unmatched comfort and durability, Aireloom mattresses are designed and constructed through innovative methods with the finest materials, like hand-selected layers of cotton, Joma wool, proprietary premium foams, and innovative antimicrobial graphite. Aireloom also uses modern latex technology to create a mattress that cools your body and conforms to your shape immediately for instant relief when you hit the sheets.

However, with Aireloom mattresses being one of the top luxury beds on the market, they do come at a pretty steep price tag. Buyers can expect to spend anywhere between $2,000 to $20,000 (depending on the size and model) on a high quality Aireloom mattress ― but don’t let price get in the way. While these beds are more certainly expensive than some of their counterparts, we feel the price is worth it for the right customer. If you’re a:

✓  Luxury Buyer: Aireloom excels at producing top-tier luxury mattresses. Buyers who want the comfort of a hybrid with a true luxury look and feel will love these handcrafted mattresses.

  Eco-Conscious Shopper: Aireloom’s mission is to use only premium, natural materials, which means these beds are better for your sleep and better for the Earth. Taking this mission a step further, the brand has partnered with One Tree Planted to help plant new trees around the world.

  Average or Heavier Sleeper: The numerous latex comfort layers, along with zoned micro coils, give this bed a hearty strength allowing both average and heavier sleepers to achieve a great night’s rest.

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Discover the incredible comfort of an Aireloom Mattress at Bob Mills Furniture.


What Makes Aireloom Mattresses So Comfortable?

 Shot of the corner of an Aireloom mattress with a plant in the background.

For over 80 years, Aireloom mattresses have been expertly-handcrafted here in the United States using only premium materials. With their hybrid construction, sleepers are provided more support and comfort from the exclusive latex layers and zoned micro coil design. So, what makes an Aireloom mattress so comfortable?

Each Aireloom luxury plush mattress is designed with the patented Aireloom Lift, allowing the sleep chamber of the bed to perform at its best. The Aireloom Lift creates an unmatched experience that elevates and supports your body through adaptive layers of comfort. At the same time, the brand pioneered a natural chamber between the springs and the mattress top that allows every element to breathe. When the chamber meets the layers of plush material, the bed synchronizes with your body, creating a “lift” to help you get restful sleep night after night.

Micro-Touch Coil – Exclusively at Bob Mills

Exclusively developed for the Bob Mills Sleep Spa collection mattresses by Aireloom, you'll find the brand-new, medical-grade Micro-Touch Coil system. This advanced coil system features individual pods that cradle and give you support where needed. This material also reduces motion transfer and promotes gentle airflow between the micro touchpoints. The end result? Superior temperature regulation and less tossing and turning throughout the night.

 A luxury plush Aireloom mattress in a modern bedroom with chandelier.

BedMatch at Bob Mills Sleep Spa

Bob Mills Sleep Spa makes finding the right mattress easy with the patented bedMatch system. We’re the only mattress store in the country with BedMatch technology to match your body to the right mattress, with a full-time Doctor of Chiropractic therapy on staff with an expertise in sleep research. In less than five minutes, you can answer a few questions regarding how you sleep, your pain criteria, and your sleep position to help determine the best mattress fit.

Then you lie down as the bedMatch system actually takes measurements of your body and determines which mattress provides you with the right support. Once we find the right selection, you simply tell us which size you need in king, queen, full, twin, or even California King. At Bob Mills Sleep Spa, we’re here to help you take the guesswork out of finding the most comfortable mattress for your everyday sleep ― no matter what!

Learn More About BedMatch

Aireloom mattresses will help bring beauty, comfort, and luxury into your sleep routine. These high-end mattresses are custom-made by true craftsmen who focus on every cut, every stitch, and every piece of material ― all with the goal of assuring that you experience the epitome of comfort and superior sleep. If you’re searching for the perfect blend of comfort and luxury (that’s well worth the price tag), explore the many benefits of investing in an Aireloom mattress here at Bob Mills Furniture.

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 Aireloom Mattress FAQs

We understand that there’s a whole lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Aireloom mattresses. While we did answer a lot about this type of mattress, there is still plenty more to discuss about this luxury bed brand. To help you make the best decision on your new mattress, here are just a couple of frequently asked questions from customers just like you.   

Q: Who makes Aireloom mattress?

A: Aireloom is a brand based in California, owned by E.S. Kluft & Company, that exclusively makes and sells mattresses in retailers across the United States.

Q: Do Aireloom mattresses sag?

A: As with most other types of mattresses, some have noted sagging over time with Aireloom beds. However, it’s important to note that the feel of sagging is more from the shifting of materials rather than the quality of the materials themselves.

Q: How long should an Aireloom mattress last?

A: Aireloom mattresses are built to last up to 10 to 15 years with normal usage.

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Start reveling in endless comfort and shop Aireloom mattresses online for unbeatable prices at Bob Mills. Our friendly experts are always happy to help you find the best mattress — whether you call the Bob Mills Furniture store nearest you or use our online chat feature. Better yet, stop by one our showrooms throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas to discover why we are everyone’s favorite local furniture store. Visit us today!

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