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Top Cooling Mattresses from Mlily

by Olly Mason

An MLILY PowerCool mattress shown in a showroom

At a Glance:

Who is MLILY?

MLILY Mattress Review: The PowerCool Sleep System

PowerCool Adjustable Base Review

Further Considerations

Why Trust Us?

Sometimes, the best solution to a problem is the simplest one. It’s no wonder the world has gone hack-crazy trying to find easier methods for tasks that have us saying, “Why did I think of that?” Other times, however, a problem can be trickier to solve, like trying to stay cool if you’re used to waking up in sweats.

Mattress manufacturers have invested millions in groundbreaking materials that wick heat away from the body, special beads that regulate body temperature, and metal-infused fibers that claim to keep sleepers cooler throughout the night. But considering there are no concrete studies available to firmly prove whether these materials actually make a difference, many shoppers are still skeptical.

So, why not just add fans to the mattress base? It might sound silly, but that’s exactly what MLILY did when it created the world’s first mattress with fans — and we want to be the first ones to tell you all about it and why it may be the only top cooling mattress solution you’ll ever need.

Who is MLILY?

A couple smiling while sitting on top of an MLIL mattress

Let’s take a moment to step back and look at the brand behind the brains. Although MLILY sprouted from Chinese origins, its story is an American dream, beginning when founder James Ni first engineered the mattress-making equipment and into the present two American-based mattress plants as of 2019.

That’s all to say that MLILY is a 100 percent domestic brand. What’s more, the up-and-coming mattress brand also has authority over the entire fabrication process.

  • All components are made by MLILY using exclusive machinery.
  • MLILY mattresses are assembled on-site by company employees.
  • Mattresses from MLILY are made with the brand’s own fabricated materials, not from third-party suppliers. 

By having a hands-on approach throughout the entire process, MLILY aims to provide the best products without compromise for a truly unique sleep experience no other mattress brand can provide.

Of course, that also means MLILY mattresses are a little pricier, and to purchase one, you need to contact an authorized dealer, such as Bob Mills Furniture. The good news is we can help decide whether an MLILY mattress is right for you with our exclusive Bob Mills Spa Bed Match program.  Check it out today!

Learn More About MLILY


MLILY Mattress Review: The PowerCool Sleep System

When we take a closer look at the MLILY PowerCool system, we can see that the sleep solution is made up of two main parts. The first is a special cooling mattress, and the second is the hero feature, an adjustable bed fitted with a series of fans. Let’s go even deeper to see the lengths MLILY goes to in order to claim the title as the best cooling mattress on the market.

It Starts with a Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

A person pressing down on the Cooling Knit Fabric Cover of an MLILY mattress

We’ve put a lot of emphasis on the PowerCool System’s snazzy mattress foundation, but make no mistake — the actual mattress is also packed with features designed to prevent hot sleeping. In total, mattresses from the MLILY PowerCool line feature five unique layers of memory foam. Each has individual properties scientifically engineered to encourage better mattress breathability and cooler sleep conditions.

Let’s break each level down.

Cooling Knit Fabric Cover

Intelligently designed channels on the surface of a PowerCool mattress helps keep the cover breathable, while special properties in the material help to regulate body temperature.


By enlarging memory foam cells in the AdaptiFoam layer, air circulation is easier, allowing heat to move side to side and up and down. As a result, hot air doesn’t become stagnant, and fresh ambient air is able to flow between the cells.

Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

On top of being incredibly sustainable, bamboo is also renowned as one of the freshest materials. On top of adding another layer of heat protection, the carbon inside this mattress layer can also help prevent odors, which is one concern users face with memory foam mattresses.

Ventilated Flex Comfort Foam

A final foam layer is positioned right above the hybrid mattress base, allowing air to fully penetrate a PowerCool mattress from the surface down to the core.

Ventilated Hybrid Base Foam

This final layer is made using memory foam for reduced motion transfer and soft comfort, plus pocketed coils that are divided into seven zones, each with purposeful support for each particular of the body. Together, the duo prevents disturbances from tossing and turning, and the breathable foam allows the fans beneath the foundation to flow into the mattress (more on that below).

Our Verdict: In many ways, the MLILY mattress with PowerCool technology is comparable to other brands on the market like iComfort and Tempur-Pedic memory foam models. That’s a positive considering Serta (iComfort’s parent brand) gets high ratings for cool sleep and Tempur-Pedic is praised for its durability.

PowerCool Adjustable Base Review

A front view of the MLILY PowerCool mattress base

We’ve arrived at what sets the MLIL PowerCool System apart from any other top cooling mattress on the market: the fan powered mattress base.

This is the sixth and final ingredient to this exclusive cooling system, but how does it work? Well, if you remember all the fuss about open memory foam and better ventilation we discussed above, here’s where it pays off. By using a series of fans built directly into the base, cool air is able to travel throughout the entire mattress. That means heat isn’t just wicked away — it’s physically carried away by moving currents, keeping a PowerCool mattress cool at every moment.

On top of keeping you feeling fresh, the adjustable bed base is also beneficial to the health since it can help reduce heartburn, sleep apnea, and snoring, as well as improve circulation in the legs and heart.

Our Verdict: Without a doubt, the MLILY PowerCool adjustable base is a one-of-a-kind accessory that goes beyond traditional mattress cooling for an unparalleled experience. The technology is still too fresh on the scene to provide an in-depth review, but for now, we give it a positive rating for being able to provide an alternative method for staying cool during sleep.

Take a look at what real MLILY PowerCool mattress users are saying!

Further Considerations

Did you know there are over 175 mattress brands on the market? That only makes deciding which one to choose even harder, and tossing in a game-changer like MLILY is just another wrench in the search. Luckily, we’ve been keeping tabs and think there are a few points you might want to know before you decide to invest in this new technology.

PowerCool Mattresses Only Come in Medium and Firm

Medium and firm mattress are best for back, stomach, and combination sleepers, but they’re not recommended for side sleepers. Additionally, sleepers who are lighter on the scale might have trouble getting comfortable on a firmer mattresses since their surfaces don’t contour as well under less weight.

Budget, Budget, Budget

With prices valued at $3,999, MLILY PowerCool mattresses lean toward the luxury market.

It’s a Two-Piece Package

If you have your hopes set on purchasing MLILY’s fan-powered base, you’re out of luck. The foundation cannot be purchased without the mattress, but on the bright side, that helps to justify the overall price.

You’ll Be Giving the Bedroom a Night Off 

Be prepared to give your new mattress 24 to 48 hours to breath before you can actually sleep on it. Like other bed-in-a-box mattresses, these beds need time to fully fluff and to release off gassing.

Don’t forget, you have resources like our exclusive Sleep Spa and our helpful mattress experts who can tell you all about the top cooling mattress brands around. While we’re excited to be part of an elite group of MLILY dealers, we’re just as proud of our entire mattress lineup, because we only provide the best in the business. To learn more, visit us online or shop at a Bob Mills showroom near you today!

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Start reveling in endless comfort and shop mattresses online for unbeatable prices at Bob Mills. Our friendly experts are always happy to help you find the top cooling mattress on the market — whether you call the Bob Mills Furniture store nearest you or use our online chat feature. Better yet, stop by one our showrooms throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas to discover why we are everyone’s favorite local furniture store. Visit us today!

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