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Dining Room

Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is a special room in the home where bonds of family and friendship are born with lifetime memories of holiday celebrations, support, and love. Even when you are grown, you still remember the smell of the wood and the texture of the grain underneath your fingers of the family dining room table. Our selection caters to a variety of discerning tastes with a range of style covering traditional, contemporary, modern or even country home. It is important to us that you find the perfect dining room furniture that becomes the centerpiece of family meals, celebrations, entertainment, hours of homework, and the center of memories yet to come.

Dining Table Sets

Our dining room table sets come complete with tables and chairs and certain models with dining benches. Our customers can experience even more savings through our exclusive Companions Pricing® packages for groups of dining room furnishings that can include combinations of table, chairs, benches, server, buffet, and china cabinet. Always check our Companions Pricing®, not only for discounts, but for possible free items that are included with the dining sets. Our dining room sets span casual dining tables and solid wood chairs that may be perfect for the breakfast nook to more elegant dining sets with upholstered chairs and tables with elaborate finishes and designs.

Solid Hardwood Dining Tables & Ornate Finishes

Solid hardwood construction is a long standing tradition of quality in dining furniture with the beauty of a natural stained wood grain. In addition to our hardwood finished dining tables, our complete selection of ornate wood pattern designs with finishes in styles of mahogany, walnut, maple, oak, cherry and teak provide an opulent appeal of subtle luxury. Other finishes consist of painted, vintage distressed styling and even black dining sets.

Bistro & Pub Style Dining Table Sets

What classifies a pub dining table or bistro style dining set is the height of the table as well as the chairs and stools. The elevated height of pub and bistro dining tables and chairs can add a completely new quality of dimension and balance to a kitchen, kitchenette, or even the dining room. Below is a quick guide to heights including the in-between counter height table to envision the effect for your room.

  • Standard Dining Table height usually between: 28"- 30" Chair seat height generally about 18" from floor
  • Counter Height Dining Table usually between: 34"-36" Counter Height Chair or Stool seat generally about 24"-26" from floor
  • Bistro & Pub Style Dining Table height usually between: 40"-42" Bistro & Pub Chair or Stool seat height generally about 28"-30" from floor

These taller table and chair sets come in a variety of materials and styles. Shapes are as equally varied from round hardwood pub style tables to square bistro sets with a rustic appeal. Pub style stools and chairs within each set share the character of the table, but can easily be mixed and matched for varied and eclectic tastes.

Bar Stools

Bar stools are a popular choice for not only for home bars or a pub height dining table, but for kitchen islands and other counter height surfaces. Because barstools are so versatile in application and surrounding, it is important to have a selection that also matches style and decor. Industrial and modern decor might demand bar height chairs with metal or leather for contemporary furniture style. More traditional looks often call for bar stools made with a beautiful wood finish, upholstered, or even wicker seats and construction. Other options include swivel stools or opting for a back or no back. Colors requirements can also range significantly including black, white, silver and even red. Our selection is handpicked to match multiple elements of criteria to find just the right style to match your room.

The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables & Distressed Finishes

Reclaimed wood furniture has risen not only as a result of conservation and recycling, but has an elite display of unique style and elegance. Reclaimed wood is being featured in more home decorating shows like "Fixer Upper". With no two pieces being identical, each resonates with the nostalgia of generations past. Constructed from wood recovered from old farmhouses, barns, mills and factories, the wood has weathered for generations making it exceptionally strong and durable. Each plank retains the imperfections from decades of use, which exemplifies its rugged durability and adds unique character, like original nail holes and knots that cannot be replicated. The classic farmhouse dining table is quickly becoming a mark of prestige and a gorgeous complement of style. The one downfall of reclaimed wood dining tables is availability because of levels of high demand. However, you can expect to find them in our inventory with expert craftsmanship such as the Four Hands Reclaimed Furniture Collection.

With a similar concept of reclaimed wood tables, distressed dining tables are finished with a precision level of imperfections for the appearance of age, classic style, and antiquing. Distressed techniques include patterned wear of paint or varnish, and intentional patterned impressions only a professional can apply with a natural appearance. Distressed dining tables and chairs are perfect for interior designs concepts that may include other distressed pieces whether actual antique or expertly crafted modern pieces that are made to look that way.

Making Room for Company - Leaf Inserts, Trestle Legs & Pedestal Bases

For larger family gatherings and guest entertainment, many tables include drop leaf sections that can be quickly added for expandable seating or removed. Certain models also include folding butterfly leaves that fold directly into the table, and fold out again just as easily when you are expecting company. Other considerations for fitting more chairs around the table are offered by both trestle and pedestal bases. With trestle legs or a pedestal base, the legs are not in the corners, so corners of the table can more easily accommodate another four seats.

Specialty Dining Table Tops & Shapes

Our inventory often includes specialty dining tables and sets that include a granite top, marble top, or glass top. Our inventory has also included gorgeous pieces with a polished cement construction and surface. Specialty selections come in multiple shapes from a round dining table to oval designs and even more artistic concepts. Please let us know if you are looking for a particular dining style that you cannot find. With our 8 store buying power, we have significant influence and preferred pricing with the world's top dining furniture manufacturers. After reviewing our vast selection dining room furniture, feel free to reach out to us and let us know if you are looking for something in particular.

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