The Smart Shopper: How to select a budget-friendly couch that will last

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Get Smart

Couches and sofas come in virtually infinite styles, shapes, sizes, fabrics, materials, and prices. So, how do you know if you are getting a good value or just a cheap couch? Trust me, it’s worth grabbing the measuring tape and doing some homework before you buy. (Nobody wants to deal with issues like a couch not fitting through a doorframe!)

Couch Considerations – Before the Furniture Store

There are a few essential questions that need to be answered before you step foot inside a furniture store or overwhelm yourself with online browsing. We recommend people consider things like budget, available space and function to guide their choice. And, we strongly advise visiting furniture stores to better determine the quality and durability of the sofa in person. (Find a Bob Mills furniture location near you.)

Plan Your Room – Plan Your Spend

The first step in the pre-purchase process is to clearly define how the room will be used and determine how the couch will fit into that plan. Establish a budget for the room. Your sofa should represent 15%-30% of the overall project’s budget. At Bob Mills Furniture, we offer Companion’s Pricing. Basically, when you buy all the pieces together, you save.
Reclining living room furniture

Count Your Seats – Sofa Use

After that, you’ll want to determine how many people will be sitting on the couch. Do you have a family? Sectional sofas that fit together in an L-shape or U-shape might be the right choice for a family room. Is space an issue or do you want a unique alternative to the traditional sofa? Consider that today’s newer “chofas” (Chaise/sofa) have the same length footprint, but have a chaise extending from one of the seats, allowing for more seating when hosting. Will anyone be reclining? If so, how many? Reclining options are available in both manual and power. Sofas with features like power headrest, power lumbar support, heat and massage might appeal to anyone seeking to enhance their relaxation experience.

Measure the Space

Room planner for new furniture
Now, determine how much space you are allotting for the piece. You will want to know the measurements of the door(s) the couch will pass through during delivery. If your living room is located down a hallway, measure that, as well. (It’s a good idea to keep this information on you when you decide to visit the store.) Measure the area you’ve designated for your new sofa, considering the size and shape of the room. Once you’ve settled on a sofa that you think will fill the space, note the sofa’s measurements and mark them on the floor with string. (Boxes are a great option too!) This way you can be sure the sofa will fit the space and that there will be room to walk around. Be sure to budget additional space if you choose a couch with reclining features.

Pick Your Fabric

Kids? Pets? Formal? Informal? How durable does your sofa material need to be to fit into your lifestyle? Determine who will be sitting on the couch and how it will be used. This will allow you to accurately select the proper textile that will wear well for years to come. Look for specialty fabrics such as “Revolution” or “Livesmart” which are specially made to resist stains and are easily cleanable. Leather is a sturdy material that ages well, and bonded leather, a less expensive alternative, is very durable.

stain resistant fabric

Bob’s Tip: Today’s fabrics are designed to be very livable and cleanable. They offer not only stylish, designs, but feel wonderful to the touch. However, many fabrics may look alike and cost hundreds of dollars more. This is well justified provided it’s a well-constructed fabric with specific cleaning features.


Pre-Planning = Smart Shopping

Once you address each of these points, your research is done! You’re a smart shopper that is ready to “test drive” some couches.


Bob’s Tip: “It’s much more important to know the reputation of the furniture dealer than the name on the sofa. If the dealer will not stand behind its product, they’re normally not in business more than, say, five to ten years. Dealers with strong business practices that always put their customer FIRST will stand the test of time.”


Come See Us!

Before you head out to the store, be sure and check out part two of this blog series for “insider tips” to help you determine if you are getting a true value or just a low-ticket price! We would love for you to come visit us at Bob Mills Furniture and let us help you make the best choice for home design needs. And, remember… No Shopper Stalkers!



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