7 Tips from Interior Design Pros for New Furniture!

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New Furniture, New Look, New Feeling

New furniture transforms a living space and breathes new life into how you feel when you walk into a room. Perfecting that transformation is achieved with a harmonious combination of small elements such as colors, accents, spacing, and lighting for maximum impact. Have you ever looked at a room and thought it is almost there, but just not quite right?

Here are seven simple decorating & design tips used by the pros that can help make the difference between OK and fabulous!

Pick a Paint Color that Will Last

Neutral colors offer flexibility for a greater range of options to change styles in the future. When choosing new paint, consider shades that complement more permanent pieces like furniture, area rugs and art.

Give Your Furniture Room to Breathe

Open space is a luxurious element of comfort and it reduces the potential of clutter. Imagine how comfortable and luxurious a sprawling hotel suite looks compared to a tiny cabin on a train. Space is both comfort and style.

Display Your Treasures Proudly

If you have a cherished item such as an antique, piece of artwork or furniture, let it shine as a focal point of the room. Be certain that it does not compete for its area and is not challenged by similar items in proximity.

Use Natural and Artificial Light to Your Advantage

A good lighting scheme can create multiple exquisite personalities in a single room that can be changed at the pull of a shade or the flick of a switch. Control natural light with window treatments that contribute to your design as well as floor and table lamps for mood and function.

Hang Artwork at the Right Height

Artwork is meant to be seen and admired. Therefore, wall art should be aesthetically hung at standard eye level. This means that the midline of the piece will usually measure about sixty inches from the floor. Focal pieces that are hung too low or too high tend to throw off the balance of a room.

Be Selective with Accent Pieces

To create a new breathtaking look, you need to be ready to fall out of love with old collectibles and accent pieces that simply do not fit. Embrace new accessories, pillows, and window dressings that complement your new furniture with style and splashes of color.

Embrace Gold & Silver… Together

Metallic finishes and accents of painted gold and silver are sharp statements that elevate the impact of other accent colors. A popular misconception is that you must choose one or the other. Gold and silver actually look very smart together.

Even More Ideas

Looking for more ideas online? Check out the Houzz website for more furniture and design inspiration, and then see what you can put together at bobmillsfurniture.com!



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