5 Tips for Choosing a Great Sofa!

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How to Pick a great sofa
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Online searching is great for getting an overall idea of the brands and styles you like, but nothing tells you more about the quality and craftmanship of a sofa like seeing it in person. So, ditch the digital and venture into an actual furniture store where you can try before you buy.


Five Need to Know Sofa Selection Tips

1. Judge the Fit

Sit on the sofa. Does it fit your body? Are the seats deep enough for everyone who will be using it? Proper fit should support your back when both feet are flat on the floor and there should be a bit of space between the back of your knees the seat cushion.


2. Check the Level of Support

The support cushions provide will wear, sometimes unevenly, with time. You can tell if the sofa’s support will be durable or if it was inexpensively constructed.

man on a short sofa


“Sit toward the end of the sofa. Notice if you feel like you’re falling into the corner.  If so, the manufacturer decided to save money and not properly support the ends with additional springs.” – Bob Mills


3. Feel the Filling

Unless you choose down or feather, your sofa cushions will be created with foam. Knowing what a sofa is filled with will help you understand how it could wear with time.

Couple moving a couch

Press down on the filling. Cushions should be firm and regain their shape after you remove your hand. (Unless filled with down or feather.) Heads up! Low density foam can deflate quickly.  Aim for the highest quality filling that works with your budget.

“Again, sit toward the end of the sofa.  If it’s not very comfortable and the seat cushions are very still it’s, more than likely, due to inexpensive cushion foam.” – Bob Mills


4. Test the Frame

You can test a frame’s strength and quality by lifting one of the front corners or legs of the sofa off the floor about six inches. Both front legs should lift.  Avoid any that visibly twist or creak under this test.

Woman on the perfect sectional sofa


“Be sure to ask about the frame construction. Look for tags on the sofa explaining construction features.  Check to see if the sides and backs are padded or just open.  This isn’t necessary but enhances the durability of the piece.” – Bob Mills

If you need an ultra-durable sofa that is built to last, consider a piece from the Flexsteel collection that features Blue Steel Spring support, high-density seat cushions and a lifetime warranty!


5. Test the Joinery and Operating Mechanisms

Ask about the joinery. This will tell you how the pieces of wood are connected. Other than upholstery, the most common areas of failure on a couch are in the arms. Consider how much weight the couch will be bearing. Be sure to look for frames constructed with wooden dowels, double wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws and brackets.

“Push on the tops of the arms and listen for any noises.  If audible, you’re probably feeling a cardboard-like material used to give the arm shape and design.  This another indication of a less expensive sofa that isn’t designed for heavy use.” – Bob Mills

Finally, if you have selected a couch with a recliner, test the motion mechanisms several times. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of force on the manual operations. When testing electronic features start and stop them mid-function. You need to check for any glitches, roughness or noises.

Use these tips to have the confidence you’re purchasing the most durable and well-crafted sofa for your dollar. Come see us at Bob Mills Furniture and we’ll help you find the perfect couch for your lifestyle!




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