Bed In A Box – Convenience or Curse?

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We can all relate to the bombardment of bed-in-a-box online and Facebook ads pushing us to purchase mattresses online. Each company has different variations of the same message, “Order now! It’s easy and convenient!” And, while purchasing might be easy as clicking a button, there’s nothing convenient about accidentally choosing the wrong mattress.

A word about sleep health…

Sleep health is important. It’s as essential to the body as food and water. Without it, memory gets sluggish, fatigue sets in and our bodies begin to shut down. (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!)

With sleep health being closely linked to overall health, it’s surprising that many stores still treat mattresses like they are pieces of furniture. The headboard and footboard are, but the mattress — the thing you should be spending 8+ hours on nightly — most certainly is not.

Let’s talk about the shopping experience. Untrained salesclerks can cause the entire mattress shopping process to become awkward. Far too often, you end up choosing a mattress based on guesswork and high-pressured sales tactics. That’s enough to drive anyone to consider ditching the inept salesclerk and ordering online.


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ORDERING A MATTRESS ONLINE Is it really that convenient?

As tempting as it may be to give into the convenience of ordering your mattress online, don’t! There are a few glaring reasons why we suggest waiting.

Red Flag: Choosing the firmness of the mattress

Do you know what kind of support your body needs? Your mattress is a large investment and guesswork could get you into an uncomfortable situation…literally. Understanding the type of support your body needs will guide your choice of mattress. Don’t guess. Know.

Red Flag: Can’t try before you buy

You should try a mattress before you buy it. When you order online there’s no way to determine the quality and firmness and, honestly, you have no way of verifying what is inside of it. So, you’re guessing again!

Red Flag: Ordering a mattress online might be easy, but returning one isn’t

Depending upon the company, you could be stuck with repackaging and shipping duties if you decide to return. Packing! Hauling! Yikes! After that mattress inflates, can you envisision getting it back in the box?  It doesn’t, and these online companies count on that. That is the exact opposite of convenient. Be smart with your money and time. It is worth doing the extra work on the front end to ensure you can rest easy once your mattress arrives.

Red Flag: The sponsored online review

Use caution when relying too heavily on video reviews posted online.  Manufacturers are known to sponsor these types of reviews. So, there’s no real way of knowing if the video you are watching is an authentic customer or a just a paid actor. Yep. Now you know.

What’s the answer?

At the Bob Mills Sleep Spa®, we take the guesswork out of selecting a mattress! The Bob Mills Sleep Spa was created to educate people on the link between sleep health and proper spinal support. Our staff is trained by on-site chiropractor Dr. Angie Shepardson to help you learn more about the support your body needs.  They will help guide you to the absolute best mattress for your body and budget.

How we do it

We use science! Our exclusive bedMATCH system profiles your back using 18 statistical measurements and thousands of calculations to determine the correct level of support needed for a healthy, restorative night’s sleep. It is simple. You answer a few questions and then lie down for a five-minute body scan that will measure your support requirements during all phases of the sleep cycle.

Once you have received your bedMATCH level, you can choose a mattress with confidence and know your body will be properly supported all night long. We only carry the very best mattresses for sleep health at a variety of price points. Our selection of Somniva mattresses, for instance, are designed and approved by chiropractors. Find out more information on bedMATCH.

Come see us!

When you are ready to choose a mattress, don’t guess…KNOW! Come experience a better way to shop. Visit us at the Bob Mills Sleep Spa and let us help you pick the perfect mattress for your body and budget.




Neither Bob Mills Furniture Company, LLC nor Dr. Angela Shepardson represent or endorse any specific health related benefits arising from the purchase or use of any specific product, and neither is liable for any physical discomfort or impairment arising out of the purchase and use of any specific product. The opinions expressed or information provided by our staff chiropractors is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment, or provision of medical advice and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a physician or other health care professional for your specific health care and/or medical needs or concerns.




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